The advantage of Quebec in one sentence:

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Quebec, Canada is an English-French bilingual province, which locates in the east of Canada, and has second largest population of Canada. The official language in Quebec is French, the francophone population in North America is mainly concentrated here. The capital of Quebec is Quebec City, the largest city of Quebec is Montreal. There are considerable natural resources to sustain the stability of the economy of Quebec. In the field of intellectual economy, there are aircraft industry, information and telecommunication, biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry. These industries play the leadership role, which have allowed Quebec to become one of the best provinces in terms of economy influence. Quebec is also the top notch educational area for students all around the world. Quebec is about 3 times of the size of France, but the population here is far fewer than France. Quebec is also a place that attracts many foreign students and immigrants, and since the advantage of its immigration is a common concern to everyone, D&C Express Immigration Consultation Inc now will summarize its highlights:

Independent Legislation Authority

Quebec is the one and only province in Canada Confederation that has its own independent legislation authority. Thus how she processes the election of immigrants is not rely on the favor of Canada Confederation, which means as long as it fits the provincial need of development, she can absorb as much immigrants as pleased. Unlike other provinces have the cap limits in terms of immigration.

Excellent Educational System in Quebec

Those who can successfully obtain the high school diploma(SSD) are considered best students in Canada and even the world-wide. The universities and colleges in Quebec enjoy great international reputations, some institutions even have close contact with those world famous research centers.

Every year, thousands of students are attracted to Quebec by her modern vocational training centers and institutions, scientific and technical institutions, experts and scholars of the emerging field.

Bilingual Atmosphere in Quebec, courses given by English or French

All the universities and colleges in Quebec have English and French language institutions.

Low cost of tuition fee

The tuition fee in Quebec for international students are the lowest in North America. Which means the total cost of high quality education of university is lower than any other places of North America.

High standard of Life

As an open area, Quebec has become one of the world famous tourism destinations. The visitors are roaming in a variety of impressive landscapes and activities. Quebec also provides a leading trendy of urban lifestyle, the combination of North America style of modern city and European style of romance, has made her the most desirable tourist paradise.

Safe living environment

Quebec is well-recognized as a safe province filled with sense of justice. Firearms and other weapons are strictly controlled, and generally, not allowed to carry. The crime rate in Quebec is the lowest amongst all North America cities.

Dynamic economic development environment

Quebec holds an important strategic position for economic development in North America eastern area. Faced with the huge commercial and economic network of mainland China, Quebec directly provides supply and market to 1.3 billion consumers within a 1000 km range.

Favorable Immigration Policy of Quebec

Canada is a nation of immigrants. In terms of immigration policy, Quebec not only shares the common goal of “meet the needs of the labor market” and “maintain the growth of population” with the Canada Federal, but also holds the strong motivation of “keep the French permanent”. Though Quebec cannot issue Visa by herself, but she has the independent election power for immigrants. In order to encourage you to learn French, or to attract you that can speak French. They will broaden the other corresponding standards, and the handling process is much faster than the federal, the passing rate is also higher.

By absorbing foreigners who completed vocational training, and allowing those who complete the vocational training practically stay, work and live in Quebec, based on the independent legislation power authorized by the Federal government, Quebec has passed a new bill, the “Programme de l’expérience québécoise ” , referred as PEQ. Such bill allows the foreigners who finished the vocational training to obtain a permanent resident status rapidly (except the right to vote and be voted, all other rights and welfares are exactly the same as the local citizens). In order to achieve the ultimate goal of “enter, stay and living”, so that they can quickly integrate into the local community, and make contribution to the local economic development.