Introduction of Bishop’s University – Master of Education, in Leadership, Societies and Language.

The Master of Education of Bishop’s University is a leadership, societies and language oriented non-thesis program. This is designed for academic and professional needs of the educators and administrators. In order to fit the trend of international education, in the year 2015, the international student program was released and the Master’s dual enrollment program was launched.


Features of the Program

  • Non-thesis Master degree.
  • Requirements about work experience are more flexible, students without 2 years professional experiences may also be considered for admission.
  • The LELTS score less than 7.0, or without standard language scores, students may be provided with dual enrollment.
  • Since there is no cap limit, the immigration process has more advantage than Ontario Master program.

Employment Prospective

The Master of Education of Bishop’s University is designed for the direction of leadership, society and language.

This profession focuses on education leadership and the development and research of language courses. The prospective of the graduates are to be the future leader in educational institutions, or administrative, management and back-office support and other professional, or educational products developers, course designers for the different needs, or give lectures in vocational or private educational institutions.

Duration of Program

2 years, 15 courses, 48 credits.

Commencement of Class

Every year’s January and September.


Admission Conditions and Documentation Requirements.

  • Average GPA reaches 75% or better, with official transcript from university.
  • Applicants with 1-2 years work experiences are reviewed with priorities.
  • IELTS 7.0 or equivalent language level can be admitted directly.
  • If the language does not meet the requirements, students can apply for dual enrollment.
  • A personal statement to show why you are a qualified candidate of Schools of Education of Bishop’s University.
  • An updated CV.
  • Two recommendation letters from your employer, or professors of your university.
  • Photocopy of the first page of your passport.

Detailed requirements of work experience.

Bishop’s University hopes the applicants have about two years relevant work experience in education, meanwhile also maintains considerable flexibility. As to the work experiences, full time, part time, volunteer, internship will be counted. Even as this year’s graduates, as long as a detailed description of various types of work content is provided, he/she may also be admitted.

Method of Dual Enrollment

  1. IELTS 6.5, each sections no less than 6: 40 months’ Bridge Class.
  2. IELTS less than 6.5 or without language scores: language class+4 months’ Bridge Class.

Bridge Class and Dual Enrollment

The Bridge Class is an academic and educational interim program. This is for non-education major students to receive initial training of educational science before entering Master program. Such program will also provide non-Canadian students with trainings about the learning and researching methods of Canadian universities, together with the training about using of library. While improve the ability of English proficiency.

Schedule of Bridge Class

  • Bridge Class: Each May and September.
  • Language class: Once every 2 months.

About Bishop’s University

  • A public English oriented university, founded in 1804, located in Sherbrooke, Quebec.
  • Bishop’s University is an old and stylish garden-like university. The city has pleasant climate
  • Since it’s located close to the French speaking province and US border, the majority of the students are from USA and France, thus the different cultures are blended.
  • Great language atmosphere since there are less Chinese.

Tuition Fee

Postgraduate Course: 24,540.48 Canadian dollars.

ICEAP Bridge Class: 7360 Canadian dollars.

ICEAP EAP Class: 2780 Canadian dollars/ per level.