Académie Marie-Claire

The Maire-Claire school adheres to basic, traditional educational purpose: to cultivate awareness of knowledge loving and progress spirit, to develop comprehensive language skills, to raise interests in sciences, arts and sports.

Our school focuses on stimulating the creativity of students, developing the critical thinking of our students and encouraging our student to freely express ideas. The diversity of students and staff not only requests each of us to fulfill our duties, but also promotes teamwork spirit.

Our students concern their family, their country and even world-wide affairs. They are self-independent, their social impacts have been significantly improved, and their life-long learning skill here will have a profound impact to the society. Our goal is always “higher, farther”, thus all these future leaders fostered by our school will have well compassionate for others. Their life achievements will be beyond themselves and benefit all human beings.

History of our school

The history of Marie-Claire school, begins the founder, Ms Marie Claire Martin and her love of the children, and her desire for high quality education. After years of unremitting efforts, persistent pursuit and selfless dedication, we finally have today’s brilliant achievements.

In 1981, Ms. Martin took use of basement space, provided day care services for the first two registered children and systematic education and home-cooked meals. The children studied arts, hand-made crafts. And they physically and psychologically improved and intellectually developed in this well-designed educational atmosphere. Furthermore, Ms. Martin was determined to improve the level of educational service, so that each child could receive best educations, and also created the high quality services that match the name of Marie-Claire. Later, several day care services have been established each of which has won the reputation and praise.


After that, upon the requests of the parents, Marie-Claire kindergarten was established in 1995, and has received numerous honors. Soon after, Marie-Claire school was established in 1997.

In 2001, the school started its second phase expansion, science and technology education has become an integral part of the school. In 2005, the third phase expansion started, many more classrooms were added, also expanded the computer room, a new standard size gym was built, and a fully equipped science laboratory was made (the one and only elementary school has this equipment in local area).

Mission of our school

Marie-Claire school takes enrich student life as our mission. As a mother, she offers the students a warm and peaceful environment: here, the children have plenty of opportunities to develop themselves, the courses covered a wide range of knowledge in order to make our children to grow into future leaders and contributing to the society. For that reason, we strive to do the following:

  • We offer high quality services, make it play a leading role in student life and help them achieve their goals.
  • We treat our students, parents, staff sincerely, we cherish, recognize and respect their efforts.
  • We love the necessary improvements to ourselves and the world, and willing to take responsibility for our own actions.
  • Through teamwork, we appreciate cultural diversity, we emphasis on individuality and unique contribution of each person, and we try our best to create a culture of unity and cooperation.
  • We offer suitable conditions, environments and social service system to our students, staff and related personnel. We cultivate the leadership and public service capacity of our students, in order to enhance their sense of responsibility to others.

Classrooms of our school


The setting and layout of each classroom is specially designed built based on different age and characteristics of our students, also we try our best to ensure the greatest possible use of nature light. Therefore, there are no classrooms that are identical in our school. The school is equipped with central air conditioning system, each classroom can freely adjust the indoor temperature. In addition to the public bathroom on each floor, almost all of our classrooms have a separate toilet. In the latest expansion of the school building, there are locker rooms and inside the bathroom there are showers.

Education technology

At the beginning of designing the building of our school, we have already considered to make it meet the needs of modern science and technology development of the world. From kindergarten to 6th grade, each class is equipped with intelligent witheboard. The WIFI network covers the whole campus, the teachers and students can use a laptop so as to promote education, and to carry out various researches and studies better. Our students are encouraged to create school newspapers, meanwhile we focus on students’ computer skills and lay the foundation for their future skill used in the workplaces. In addition, our school has a computer laboratory, available to each student, including pre-school students.


Our school has a fully equipped science lab, students can personally make experiment, observe by themselves here, so that those abstract concepts will become intuitive and easy to understand.

Training of leadership


We set a special course for the leadership qualities of our students, so that our students can obtain more opportunities to make their own decisions, and they can learn how to improve lives of themselves and others. We emphasize on mutual respect, teamwork, supportive spirit and attitude to service others. The self-confidence and social skills of our students will be improved, and will properly treat everyday life. The ultimate result is the students will be more sympathetic to the needs of others, and realize that their role as the social leadership to make others lives and the world better.

Sports activities


The environments and equipments of Marie- Claire are very suitable for sports activities of our students. The school has two playgrounds, one for younger child and one for older students.


The school gym is 6,300 square feet, in which basketball, tennis, volleyball, badminton and other sports can be carried out.

There is one small football field next to the school, one standard- size soccer field, one football stadium and one park that is suitable for preschools to 6th grade students. In front of the school there is a baseball field.

All these facilities guaranteed our students the best environment to improve sport skills and keep health.

Nutrition and health

Our school cafeteria is adequate to meet nutritional needs of all students. The chef team will choose fresh ingredients and carefully prepared to provide our children with the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, and with high quality fruits and vegetables to ensure a balanced nutritional intake of our students.

Achievements of our school

Other than the successes in academic field, several important dates below will let you know more about the achievements in other aspects since the establishment of our school.

  • In 2013, we aid the construction of a school and now it has been completed in Tanzania.
  • In 2012, we aid the construction of a school and now it has been completed in Haiti.
  • 1997-2012, 73 students of our school have participated in national final competitions, 3 students have participated in world finals in Paris, and won the first prize five times.
  • In 2012, our school was the only one that participated in the national math competition, 7 of our students entered the final stage.
  • In 2011, provincial math competition championships.
  • In 2011, national math competition championships.
  • In 2010, cooperated with Father Dehoux Fund and aided the Haiti earthquake victims.
  • In 2010, establishment of Marie-Claire school fund.
  • In 2010, expansion of the scale of our kindergarten.
  • In 2009, construction of our science laboratory.
  • In 2009, awarded with the Quebec artists and writer Committee (CALQ) scholarship.
  • In 2009, establishment of humanitarian aid fund.
  • In 2008, establishment of special enrollment relationship with several high quality secondary schools.
  • In 2008, each classroom equipped with scientific and technological facilities.
  • In 2008, awarded with Canadian Contemporary Art.
  • In 2007, establishment of Marie- Claire school scholarship fund.
  • In 2007, creation of computer information management system.
  • In 2006, champion of the International Mathematics Competition (one and only school in Canada awarded with this prize)
  • In 1990, establishment of our kindergarten, provided pre-school education services.
  • In 1987, award of merit (Les Amours de Marie- Claire)

Features of our school

The excellence of Marie-Claire school is owed to her educational philosophy. Such is fully reflected in the mission of our school, the goal, the design of courses, the social activities and each closely related aspects of our students, parents and staff.

Marie-Claire school adopts the sector-oriented teaching methods, each class and each course is given lecture by professional teachers. The traditional sense of “classroom for one certain group” is no longer exists. This basic, but decisive design, will through the whole teaching process from preschool education to 6th grade. Our school’s unique features include the following:

  • Small class education
  • Sector-oriented teaching methods
  • Professional Teachers
  • Homework and learning activities
  • Long hours of service
  • Lunches and snacks cooked by our school
  • Implementation of science and technology education (including preschool and kindergarten)
  • Intelligent witheboard for each classroom
  • Senior grade students each equipped with a laptop
  • Library located in each classroom
  • Electronic research library
  • Reading and learning activities
  • Training events for cultivation of leadership