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Master in Business Law in a Global Context of University of Montreal.

Introduction of the Faculty of Law – University of Montreal.


The Faculty of Law- University of Montreal was founded in 1878. In terms the number of undergraduate and graduate students, The Faculty of Law ranks first in Canada. About 1400 law students, among which one third are graduate students. The Faculty of Law has 60 full time professors and more than 100 part time professors. The Faculty of Law is among the top law schools in Canada in terms of research activities.

In more than a century, the Faculty of Law of University of Montreal has created and provided a fertile soil for teaching and researching. Over the years, the faculty has made a significant contribution to the development and improvement of law. There is an excellent library and computer room, together with a separate school building. The Faculty of Law of University of Montreal has been fully prepared to face the new challenges in the future.

Program Overview

The Master in Business Law in a Global Context program of University of Montreal is the first LLM program specially designed for Chinese students in Canada. Students participating in this program will be carried out the in-depth research and study, such as Comparative Law, North American and International Business Law. Students will be access to comprehensive analysis and research capabilities. This will greatly enhance the competitiveness of their career to senior positions.

Program Objectives

The main objective of this program is to provide the aspiring law students wish to continue their studies with a professional study opportunity, which will lead the student an in-depth training and expand its research and analysis capabilities in a particular area of international business law.

Specific objectives are as following:

  1. Provide a comprehensive legal education program to students, so that they can learn in-depth knowledge of comparative law and international business law, and thus master the ability to work effectively in the global context environment.
  2. Provide a professional training to help the students to develop creative thinking in the traditional legal principles and international business law researches.
  3. Enable the students to understand the importance of management issues, so that they can handle a systemic thinking on related issues of legal researches.
  4. Cultivate the capabilities of students to solve problems from different legal systems or different aspects of international business law. The purpose is to enable the students to face the complex legal issues and find solutions.
  5. Enable the students to master the theoretical analysis capabilities of class topics. The students shall choose appropriate learning methods, apply related theory to collect, analyze and elaborate data and make the solution to this problem.


Language of Courses.

All courses will be given in English. Therefore, a good foundation in English is the key to the success of obtaining the LLM degree.

Program Management

The program managers fluent in French, English and Chinese will be in manage of the registered Chinese students. These managers will offer help to students.

Other activities:

The students of this program will also have the opportunity to visit Canadian law firm, courts and enterprises, and have the conference with professors, lawyers and officials.

Course Content


The LLM program is a 12 months full time graduate study program.

The students will be required to obtain all the following 45 credits:

  • Courses accounted for 36 credits.
  • Thesis writing accounted for 9 credits.

Specific curriculum as following:

The first section comprises 15 compulsory courses, with total 36 credits:

  • LAW 6601- Western Legal System (3 credits)
  • LAW 6602- Common Law Theory (2 credits)
  • LAW 6603- Business Organization and Management (3 credits)
  • LAW 6604- Trade Protection and Insolvency (3 credits)
  • LAW 6605- Intellectual and Industrial Property Law (3 credits)
  • LAW 6606- Electronic Commerce Act (2 credits)
  • LAW 6607- Securities Law (2 credits)
  • LAW 6608- International Economic Relations (2 credits)
  • LAW 6609- International Contract Law (3 credits)
  • LAW 6610- International commercial disputes and arbitrations (2 credits)
  • LAW 6611- International Financial Law (2 credits)
  • LAW 6612- Commercial Lawyers and International Tax Law (2 credits)
  • LAW 6613- Legal and Economic Globalization (3 credits)
  • LAW 6614- International Economic Crime (2 credits)
  • LAW 6615- Education Internship (2 credits)

The second section includes:

  • thesis writing for 9 credits:
  • LAW 6616- Legal Thesis Writing (9 credits).

Duration of Program

The duration of the Master in Business Law in a Global Context is one year. Starts each end of August and ends end of August the next year.

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee of Master in Business Law in a Global Context (LLM) is 24,900 Canadian dollars.

The tuition fee includes:

  • Program courses costs
  • All materials needed for the courses
  • Access to Library of University of Montreal (including computers and other resources), Sports Facilities and other student service facilities.
  • Personal E-mail and computer workstation of University of Montreal.



The tuition fee of LLM program of University of Montreal is 24,900 Canadian dollars, equivalent to about 130,000 RMB. For ordinary families, such expense is not a small amount. Fortunately, based on the educational cooperation agreement between Chinese government and Quebec government, the Quebec government will provide a “The Québec Bursary Granting Exemption from Differential Tuition Fees” to the Chinese students who study in Quebec. The tuition fee will be reduced to the same level of Quebec local students, which is 6,500 Canadian dollars, for the students receive such scholarships. The application of the scholarships can be done through the “CSC” website. Meanwhile, the Faculty of Law of University of Montreal will award the outstanding freshmen with a “Dean’s scholarships”, in the amount ranging from 1,000 Canadian dollars to 16,000 Canadian dollars.

Those who has already got the “The Québec Bursary Granting Exemption from Differential Tuition Fees” can simultaneously enjoy the “Dean’s Scholarships”, but please be noted the total amount of these two scholarships cannot exceed the total tuition fee. In fact, even if you get these two scholarships at the same time and the total amount is far more than the tuition fee, you still need to pay about 10,000 RMB tuition fee (including 1,000 Canadian dollars deposit). In other words, 10,000RMB is the minimum amount of tuition fee the Chinese students can get.

The low tuition fee cost is a great advantage for University of Montreal, in terms of the increasing expenses of LLM program all around the world.

Which also make it possible for students from ordinary family to pursue oversea study.

Admission Requirements and Application Procedures.


Admission requirements for Master in Law in a Global Context (LL.M)

Applicants who apply for this program must meet the following requirements:

  • Have achieved accredited university law degree or equivalent degree, with outstanding credits.
  • Proficient and fluent in English
  • Through interview according to requirements
  • Satisfy the requirements of graduate program of University of Montreal.

Application Procedures:

  1. Deadline and Application Fee:

    The Admission Committee will start review the application once receive the form. The application form is preferred to be submitted before March 31 each year. The earlier the submission, the more plenty of time there is for the Committee to contact with the applicant, in case of clarification or supplementary information.

    Together with Application form, you must pay 135 Canadian dollars application fee (non-refundable). Payment made by international money order, with “Faculty of Law of University of Montreal” as the payee.

  2. The Purpose of application and Level of Expertise.

    The students of the LLM program are rigorous screened. Since we only admit a portion of the applicants who meet the requirements. The Admission Committee will review the statement of purpose of application and the level of expertise of each applicant. Such statement should include the above information and a future plan about how the applicant will utilize the knowledge learned in this program.

  3. Transcript

    The applicant must submit an official transcript, one in his/her native language, one in English translation. No photocopies are accepted.

  4. Letter of Recommendation

    The applicant must submit two letters of recommendation. If the recommendation is not in English, you should submit an official English translation. The letter of recommendation is preferred to be issued by the professor from the applicant’s law school.

  5. English Level Requirements

    While we do not require foreign students’ English proficiency, however, a fatal shortage of English language ability of the student will find it difficult to adapt to the new cultural, social and professional environment. Especially once being admitted to the law profession, students will be required to have strong English reading and writing skills. The Faculty of Law requires non-native English speakers to submit TOEFL or IELTS scores. Unless they had graduated from a English language teaching accredited university.

      Minimum score requirements are as follows:
    • TOEFL: 570 (CBT 230 points)
    • IELTS: 6.5

    If the above mentioned test scores of the applicant is below the minimum requirements, the conditional admission may be applied. The applicant should register the English exam as soon as possible, if necessary, one should take the English training class. And later reaches the admission scores in the English exams.