Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board

Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board welcomes and invites international students from all countries/regions come to one of our schools or educational centers for English education. This program covers primary, secondary and vocational education. We offer year-round programs (10 months) and short-term programs (2months, 3 months or 5 months)

Our mission is to provide the students from all around the world with the best education and life experience.

We are committed to fit the needs of high quality personalized English language learning and safe & healthy living environments for the international students.

We hope that in the land of your dream- the magnificent Quebec, Canada, to provide you with the opportunity of advanced study!


Canada is a safe, warm and friendly country. Parents and students can choose Laurentian or Lanaudière with the deeply rooted history and idyllic scenery, or Laval metropolitan area, which is only 7 minutes away from the cultural city- Montreal by subway. All students will learn English in standard classes and live in English-French bilingual communities.

All home-stay families are selected and final confirmed by the Canadian Homestay International.

Establish the foal of your life, learn English in Canada, and experience the life of Quebec!

About us

Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board is Quebec’s third largest English Board of Education, which covers the territory of 35,000 Square Kilometers. Our students come from vast urban and rural areas, thus we have more than 1,700 full time employees provide dedicated services to meet the different needs of our students.

We have more than 123,500 students, scattered in among 26 primary schools, 11 secondary schools, 5 vocational training centers and one nature science center.

We offer kindergarten, primary, secondary, vocational training and other aspects of professional training services for students in Laval, Laurentian and Lanaudière. Through hard work and dedication, rigorous training and guidance, together with innovative application of science and technology, we are honored to be awarded one of the best English School Board of Quebec.

Programs and events

We offer different programs, activities and events. Our sports programs or professional sports training program will ensure our students have more time to develop their skills in a particular aspect of the sport and improve their overall athletic ability during the regular school hours. (football, hockey and soccer)

As to art programs, our students will have more time during regular school hours to develop their skills in arts and creations, meanwhile have the opportunities to learn and to show their talents in music, art, dance and acting.

Our student can touch the latest technology, each school has been equipped with mobile laboratories and tablets. We provide school bus service for all students, each school has a cafeteria.


To promote healthy lifestyles, our high schools offer a variety of activities and events, such as sports teams (football, hockey, soccer, basketball, handball, floor hockey, gymnastics, wrestling, track and field, cross-country skiing, broom ball, weightlifting and other in school sports)

We also offer a kinds of educational, cultural and recreational activities, including community breakfast, robotic group, science fairs, job fairs, literary journals, dance, theme days, gamers’ room, website developments, carpentry, Players Club, charity runs, aid breast cancer, art activities, field practice and winter carnival.


The Advance Technology Oriented Math & Science (A.T.O.M.S) is unique in Quebec province. This program enables students who have math and science talents the opportunity to learn the specific courses that can meet their needs.

This advance program includes a variety of regular classes, while speeds up the progress of teaching schedule. The students can finish the first phase of compulsory contents of secondary school mathematics, and continue to learn more advanced mathematics contents in the future.

Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board had held a Montreal Regional Science & Technology Fair in Laval junior high school and Laval Liberty senior high school in March, 2012. The exhibition brought together hundreds of students from the Greater Montreal region (including Laval, Laurentian, Lanaudière, Monteregie and Montreal). The students had the opportunities to show their science projects and experiments. The next major breakthrough will be revealed in this three-day event!

For more detailed list of our affiliated primary schools, secondary schools, vocational training centers, please click below:

Territory of our School Board.


Laval is famous for its community life, this is a city with a rich multi-culture atmosphere. The city is full of plants, the parks have picturesque views, the waterfront area is too delighted to be homesick. The public transportation includes subways, buses and light rail trains. It’s only 7 minutes away from Montreal if you take the subway. The students can visit the world famous underground city, museums, Mount Royal and Old Port of Montreal, you can also experience different ethnic communities and restaurants.

Laval is peaceful and safe, especially for home life. Rich natural heritage by the waterfront and woodland enable people to have variety of activities. This is an ideal place for international students to experience the lifestyle in Quebec.


High Schools

Visit Tourisme Laval, learn more details about community life, service, activities, arts, culture and environment.


Lanaudière is famous for its relaxing and artistic temperament. City of Joliette is adjacent to the northeast of Montreal. Everyone can find your love whether it’s drama, art, nature or history. There are many maple lodges for those who love families cooking experience. The theater performances last throughout the whole year, if you like music, you can enjoy the annual music festival. Welcome to explore the quaint village, magnificent foothills and beauty of nature. You can ride a bike along the valley, visiting parks and playgrounds, enjoy the beauty of outdoors. You can also participate in the summer or winter outdoor activities, including horse riding, canoeing, golf, hiking, cliff climbing, cross country skiing, snow hiking and dog sledding.


High Schools

Visit Tourisme Lanaudiere, learn more details about community life, service, activities, arts, culture and environment.


Laurentian is located 20 kilometers north of Montreal. Laurentian is famous for its picturesque villages and majestic Mont Tremblant. Throughout the year, you can find all kinds of outdoor activities fit all ages. Some of those activities, such as apple picking, alpine skiing and cross country skiing, night skiing, golf, food tour, swimming, biking, hiking and water skiing. Laurentian also has the world class bike lanes across the whole area, equipped with safety isolation between these lanes and traffics. The bike lanes are for cyclists to use in summer time and for cross country skiers during winter. There are lots of water parks, lakes and parks. Tourists and Quebec families can enjoy their weekend or vacations here.

High Schools


Arundel Nature & Science Centre

Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board is unique in Quebec that has a large outdoor base natural base - Arundel Nature & Science Centre. It covers an area of 155 hectares. Located in mountainous hinterland of Laurentian and surrounded by beautiful nature, which is the best choice for people of different ages to explore the fields. Antique building from early 19th century, beautiful forests stretch several acres, hiking trails and cross country skiing lanes, authentic maple lodges and long lasting Red Rivers, all of these are waiting for you.

Visit Tourisme Lanaudiere, learn more details about community life, service, activities, arts, culture and environment.

Home stay families

Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board and Canada Home Stay International work together, among our schools, students, teachers, administrative staff and the communities in which our schools located, to promote this home stay program. We cooperate closely to provide supports to agents and students.

After submitting application forms to Canada Home Stay International, those applicant families will be strictly selected and processed, just to ensure that the international students will be placed in the most suitable family. Canada Home Stay International ensures that every family can provide: a furnished room, three times a day of nutritious meals and healthy home environment.


All the families interested in reception of international students must pass a rigorous selection.

Comprehensive examinations related to family information and security background checks ensure the safety of students.

The selected families may come from different backgrounds and different races. Normally the social-economic statuses of those families are in the middle class and upper. The number of family members varies, some families have elder or younger children, some families do not have children, or their children have already left home. International students can choose to live in French speaking or English speaking families if permitted.

For more information, please visit:
Course Code profession diploma Course hour Educational center Tuition fee
5825 Health, aid and nursing DVS vocational training diploma 1800 Pont-Viau $39,686 CAD
5830 welding DVS vocational training diploma 1800 Pont-Viau $32,652 CAD
5760 Industrial maintenance DVS vocational training diploma 1800 Pont-Viau $26,052 CAD
5729 Computer support DVS vocational training diploma 1800 Pont-Viau $24,014 CAD

Highly recommended

D & C EIC Canada Inc and Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board have been in cooperative relationship for many years, and formed a complete and rapid “Super Channel” for speeding up immigration progress. Even if the applicants have some deficiencies in English, French or professional courses, we can help them successfully complete their studies, and ultimately obtain the Maple Leaf Card (PR status)

D & C EIC Canada Inc will offer assistance to the students throughout the whole procedure. From class-taking, internship to finally graduate and immigration granted, we provide one-stand services. The budget of applicant is clear, the process is fast, and finally the acquirement of Canadian PR status.

Our goal is “be the best or nothing”.

We are confident to introduce you with the best, fastest, most convenient, most time-saving immigration channel. There is no age limit, no professional restriction, as long as you want to immigrate, choose us!